FreshWork-CRM Workflow - Webhook - Issue with add Custom headers

Hi all,

I have an external API end point which is using Authorization Type = OAuth 1.0.

And I am able to use POSTMAN to POST to this API End point successfully.

However when I use Webhook event to call to this API end point, it return error code 403 from server (Invalid login attempt)

In Webhook setting page, I have manually added Custom header (please refer to the screen below).
But my problem is that, these customer headers values there are some that need to be automatically generated based on OAuth 1.0 calculations, such as ‘oauth_timestamp’, ‘oauth_signature’. In POSTMAN, it generate these values automatically & add to the the custom headers.

How can we do this in FreshWorks CRM? Appreciate your guide on this. Thanks!

Hi all,

Could any please provide guide on this? Thanks

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