📍 Freshworks Developers Bulletin - April 2021

Hi everyone!

It has been more than a year since the WFH Age began, and we’ve found ourselves warping several years ahead into the “future of work” (RIP all those fancy industry trend reports). This is the new normal - zoom meetings in PJs, designer masks, and Clubhouse instead of clubbing - and looks like it’s here to stay.

While you run a flashback of all those fantastic lockdown memories, here’s a flashback of what we did in March.

Highlights of the Month


We recently launched #BuildToWin, an exciting contest where you can submit your Custom Objects app before April 25th, 2021, and win cash prizes, mentorship from Freshworks’ product experts, and a chance to be featured on Freshworks’ social media.
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Your Huddle, Your Agenda

In the spirit of inclusion and democracy, starting from the upcoming Huddle, we’d like to tailor the

agenda to what you - our audience - wants. Go ahead and tell us what you want to see in the upcoming Huddle.
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Story of the Month

How a Freshchat Javascript SDK came to be!

The story of how the drive to build more apps and an itch for modularity led to the birth of a Freshchat API SDK open to everyone.
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What’s App’ening

Configuration Page for Freshdesk

The iparams.html allows you to write HTML, CSS, and js code to build a configuration page as per your app’s needs.
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Data Methods for Freshdesk

Data Methods allow your apps to access information on a given Freshdesk page. Check out this sample app to learn how to enable data methods in your Freshworks apps.
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Event methods for Freshdesk

Events Method allows an App to know events happening in the Freshdesk UI and respond as needed. A sample app featuring usage of event methods to observe frontend events in host Freshworks product
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Pro tips💫

  • Did you know it’s possible to do TDD (Test-driven development) for Serverless apps? You can write unit tests to verify your code and add coverage as you complete your app development.
  • You can use the Resize instance method to resize app placeholder height for extra real-estate in supported app locations.
  • Troubleshoot production apps smartly with informative and error logs using console.info and console. error log statements in Serverless apps.
  • Define async functions in serverless parts of the app and await a Promise.

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Thoughts? Comments? Feedback? Write to us - we’d love to hear from you!