📌 Freshworks Developers Bulletin - August 2020

Developer Community

Did anyone say POP Quiz?

Question: How do functions break up? Scroll down for the answer.

Major Updates🌴

:telephone_receiver:Custom Actions - Routing automation

We are excited to introduce Custom actions for freshcaller, which enables you to create a serverless app with the functions necessary for Freshcaller Routing Automation. Check out our detailed documentation and sample app to get started.

:stew:Code Recipes

We launched Code Recipes as a learning resource because learning is LIVING. Check out some of our Code Recipes to brush up your skills.

Highlights :zap:

Freshworks Huddle

During such unprecedented times, we proudly hosted the second remote Huddle this august. Filled with announcements, play-along sessions, community updates, icebreaker quizzes, it was a fun learning experience.

A big shout out to Marllon Mainardes, Samuel Pares from Loupen & Rajeswaran from Spritle for providing an informational and vibrant Minnal talk session.:tada:

Pro Tips :dizzy:

  • Use the fdk generate command to auto-generate boilerplate files.
  • Dynamic iparams to make your installation pages highly re-configurable.

:gift:Wrap Up

Understanding what makes our developers click and learning how we can maintain a healthy relationship is the key to a successful partnership. We look forward to your suggestions for our newsletter - what questions do you have for me? My inbox is always open! :writing_hand:Write soon!

Are you still scratching your head for that answer?

Answer: Functions break up when they stop calling each other.

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