📍 Freshworks Developers Bulletin - February 2021

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Hello everyone, welcome again!

We don’t know if it’s just us, but January always feels like the fastest month of the year! We do hope that you have been able to keep up with your new year’s resolutions. Someone in our team mentioned they’ve even built a habit tracker in Notion to stick to their resolution, so if you’re having trouble, you could try that too!

Also, have you noticed how oddly satisfying February looks on paper? It’s apparently called a rectangle month and something that can only happen in February!

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Meanwhile, here’s this month’s newsletter - we have Q4 2020 Community Champions, developer stories, the latest blogs, and of course, some developer tips to make your life easier.:smiley:

Highlights of the month

Keeping Top Paid Apps in Top Shape

The Spritle team shares insights on paid app management, such as using Freshping to track downtime, Sentry to track errors, and other features.

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Sustaining Momentum in a ‘Lockdown’ Year

A look back at how our team powered through a challenging 2020 to launch several cool features and achieved new milestones in the process.

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It’s time we find an alternative

A lot of web developers rely on jQuery, it makes everything easier but also brings vulnerabilities if not used right. Check out the blog post, to find alternatives.

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Meet the Community Champions

We are really excited to announce Q4 Community Champions. A huge congratulation and cheers to our community champions :trophy: We genuinely appreciate your efforts and what each of you has done to help us grow as a community. :relaxed:

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Pro tips💫

  • Enable ‘debug mode’ if you struggle with debugging or if the error messages from Freshworks CLI are not helpful.
  • Learn how to extend your developer account, so you don’t have to worry about your trial account expiring prematurely.
  • Code review guidelines are provided in detail to understand each best practice to be followed. It’s best to go through this during the app development and before publishing an app.
  • Time to live (ttl) option in Data Storage to store the data only for certain periods. There’s a blog to know more about it.

Byte-sized Humor😂

How do you help JS errors?

You console them!

Help us help you!:handshake:

Thoughts? Comments? Feedback? Write to us - we’d love to hear from you!