📍 Freshworks Developers Bulletin - January 2021

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Happy New Year, folks!

A week into 2021, and we hope you’ve had a positive start to the new year. We wish all our readers a happy, healthy, and exciting year ahead; good luck with achieving the goals you’ve set for yourself.

We have the same new year resolution as last year: provide all the support and help that our developer community needs to build more awesome stuff!

Top Features Shipped in 2020

Routing automation

The Freshcaller routing automation feature enables you to create a serverless app for automating call flows.

Check out the documentation

Crayons UI Kit

We launched Crayons - an open-source rich design library, so developers can build interfaces consistent with Freshworks products.

A colorful coding experience

Omni Apps

Using the Omni Apps implementation, you can make all your existing Freshsales apps compatible with the newly-launched freshsales suite.

Time to become 'Omni’potent

Custom Object EAP

Custom Objects help build custom entities for specific business requirements and workflows of Freshdesk users.

Read more about it here

Developer Community Stories of 2020

Parlamind’s Learning Experience

Parlamind talks about their experi-ence attending Huddle and leveraging the Freshworks developer platform’s support to enhance their app.

Read more

Swedbyte’s Growth Story

Swedbyte has been a Freshworks Partner since 2014, and they share how our features and support have fueled their growth.

Read more

Highlights of last month

  • Freshworks CLI: You can join and discuss an enhancement that you wish you had working with Freshworks CLI.
  • Freshchat Reports APIs: Reports APIs help you extract unprocessed raw data from the Freshchat system and create custom reports or populate data in a BI tool.
  • Super Samuel! Remember Samuel’s inspiring talk on Crayons at the Huddle(July 2020) ? He’s back with a contribution streak - 16+ topics in just the last 30 days. It’s members like him who keep the community alive!

Byte-sized Humor

Why was the computer freezing?

Because someone left its Windows open!

Help us help you!:handshake:

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