📍 Freshworks Developers Bulletin - January 2022

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Hello, everyone!

We wish you a happy new year! As we kick start 2022 with you, we hope this journey will help you achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself. :weight_lifting_man:t2::male_sign:. We are committed to enhancing your Freshworks experience in the coming months and look forward to providing all the support and help that you would need to build more awesome stuff!

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Highlights of the month⚡️

Custom Objects GA

In addition to the key-value data storage, the developer platform now offers entity storage. You can leverage the entity storage feature to build Freshdesk apps that use Custom Objects to model data. We are super excited to present the Custom Objects GA for Freshdesk.

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Updates to our Terms of Use

As the Freshworks’ developer community expands and grows worldwide, we continue to enhance our developer experience. This necessitates an update to the ‘Terms of Use’ that govern the developers’ use and access to the developer portal, app marketplace, and community forum . The terms update do not affect the way you use the community forum.

Review the new terms of use

What’s App’ening⌨️

Sample code for Request Method

The sample code of the Request Method has been updated to follow JS ES6 features. check out the sample application code.

Sample app

Sample apps for Custom Objects

Check out the sample app for a hands-on experience with Custom Objects.

Sample app

Story of the month​:bowing_man::female_sign:

Do you believe in love at first sight? If yes, check out an entrepreneurial story about open source platforms.

love at first sight

Pro Tips

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Keyboards are always working so hard because they have two shifts😂

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