📍 Freshworks Developers Bulletin - July 2021

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Hello everyone!

I hope you all are enjoying the extra heat and ready to welcome the monsoon. We have been busy reviewing all the feedback you have shared with us via the Annual Developer Survey. Thank you so much for your time and honest feedback. We promise to work on your valuable feedback and offer you a better experience in future. In the meanwhile, let’s look at some important updates from the last month.

Highlights of the month

Freshteam: New Data Methods added

New data methods ‘Candidates’ and ‘Applicants’ have been added to Freshteam, which will help you retrieve more detailed information about different objects on a page

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FDK Frontend Frameworks released

FDK version 6.10.0 supports the frontend framework and includes all the necessary resources to build Vue and React apps.

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Freshteam: Events Methods rolled out

You can use event methods to enable apps to react to events that occur in the user interface of a page.

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What’s App’ening

Create Forms Using Crayons

In the tutorial, you will learn to build user interfaces that fit the Freshworks Design System using the Crayons library.

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Omnify Freshworks Apps

This tutorial will help you learn how to build Freshworks apps that will run on two different Freshworks host products.

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Develop CTI for freshsales suite

freshsales suite has a dedicated placeholder, events, and Interface Methods that allow our CTI app to make and receive calls from any page in freshsales suite. In this tutorial, you will learn how to build a CTI app for freshsales suite.

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Build Single-page Applications using vueJs

Freshworks Developer Platform now supports React local development natively in the FDK. This tutorial is intended to walk you through the implementation and assist you in building your first React app using the FDK.

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Story of the month

Building front-end apps that are styled for the ages

CSS makes your apps look great! Read this blog to understand what are some of the best practices to use CSS in your apps.

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How the team at Loyally brought Freshchat closer to WeChat

Here is the inspiring story about the experience of our long-time partner, Loyally, as they built a challenging WeChat integration on our platform.

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Pro tip

  • We know you often require to raise service requests to manage your apps in the App Management Portal. Now, you can raise service requests from the Dev-Assist portal to easily manage your tickets. If you haven’t created an account yet, sign up at Support : Freshworks Developers

Byte-sized Humor😂

How many programmers does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

None, that’s a hardware problem!

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