Fullscreen Web Widget within an iFrame missing header navigation

Just as the title suggests, I am encountering an issue where I am missing the header controls to exit out of a topic while the widget is within an iframe.

Here’s a basic rundown of the setup:
-Page hosted on our main site contains a fullscreen web widget (open: true, config: { fullscreen: true }
-This is then placed inside of an iframe located on a freshdesk portal page
-Once you navigate into a topic on that portal page, you can not exit that topic and are effectively stuck because you can not go back to select a new topic.

Any suggestions? Have been going in circles all day trying to find a hint on what needs to be edited. And in case you are wondering, there are no headerProperties assigned. Could not find any easy-to-access documentation to assist me in ensuring the header elements are ALWAYS available.

Images for a visual:

For anyone in the future that may be looking for an answer. All of a sudden, the header appeared.

I was attempting to create a custom reset button to sit on top of the header which would reload the page so the user could return to the topic listing, but then the header started showing up after adding the button in. So I guess it’s fixed?

In addition to this, I had to cover the elements on the right corner of the widget so the user wouldn’t close the widget. Added a logo to cover it up and it works fine I guess.

Freshworks developers, why are we not capable of removing the exit button? If we initiate fullscreen for the widget, what then is the purpose of the exit button? In most use cases, I would assume fullscreen is intended to make this page purely the widget. That’s what the case was for me. No need to exit it if there is literally nothing else on the page. Just having the option to remove that element would be great.

Anyways, good luck to anyone else running into this