Get Service Request ticket and Status =2 or 3

how do I make an API call to get service tickets that have a status of 2 or 3 using this API below.
I tried every combination and looked through the documentation but gets various errors

If I run this url, shown below, I get only tickets with status 2 but I get everything and just want Service Request and status = 2 or 3.“status:3%20OR%20status:2”&page=1

Any ideas?

Hi @dann5460, apologies for the delay in response.

I went through the docs and tried out the requests. Looks like the API lets you either filter by status in the Filter Tickets endpoint (GET /api/v2/tickets/filter) or filter by type in the “List All Tickets” endpoint (GET /api/v2/tickets), but not both in one go.

IMO, it makes more sense to paginate through the list of all tickets of type “Service Request” using the List All Tickets endpoint and filtering out the ones that don’t match the status.