Get updated lead/contact list which are deleted or converted


I have trouble when I fetch contact and lead daily by workflow - webhook
(Accords to What are webhooks? How to configure webhooks for Workflows? : Freshsales)

We do not find a condition that should trigger workflow actions for:

  1. A lead is converted to a Contact
  2. A lead/contact is deleted

and we want to make an action that should be performed by a webhook to get an up-to-date lead/contact list.

Please advise any ways to solve this problem.

Any suggestions :<
We have this trouble and hope to find a solution.

Hi @khucngoc12,

I couldn’t find any workflow condition to satisfy the use-case for both cases. Were you able to find any?

As an alternative, I could think of these ways to achieve it through the Serverless product events.
For #1, the onContactCreate event will be triggered for this case in the Serverless app.
For #2. the onContactUpdate event will be triggered with “is_deleted” boolean field change.

Please check if these events get properly triggered for your mentioned use-case in any conditions.

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For case #1, it’s possible to trigger a webhook when a lead is converted to contact. But, it’s kind of a workaround.

Whenever a lead is created, a field can be added with a particular value (Let’s say, “true”). Then, this field can be synchronized with the Contacts module in the CRM portal.
This field can be checked for the set value for all the contacts that have been converted from Lead.

Case #2 cannot be solved with the Workflow.

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