Get user ID in html code

I need to get the user name and user ID in the HTML code of my website.

The user is logged in already so I want the user’s first name for the bot to use and the user ID so I can fetch info in a mysql DB.

So in the beginning conversation I will start with the greeting and use the first name.

Other topics will take the ID and get data from a mysql DB.

I have added this code in the html:

var user_id = "52"; var user_first_name = "david"; and name: "startConversation", type: "event", value: { "user_id": "" + user_id + "", "user_first_name" : user_first_name So I want to start with a Greeting that would say - "Hi David" by getting user_first_name I will later use the user_id, but for now I want to get the user_first_name from the html code on the page the bot resides on and use it in the Conversation Start Topic. So how do I get that in there as a variable? I am use the newest bot version. Thanks for you help.