Getting different field Ids in product events and data methods

Hi team,


Recently we encountered an invalid field Id issue.

As you can see in the product events in Freshdesk the “_562787” is appended to all the fields and the “_160150” values are appended in the data methods in Freshservice.


Any solution to fix this?

Thank you.

This is the account_id, I was very annoyed by that in the beginning. But the account_id is also in the payload so you can easily construct the field name by combining the two.

For example:
const accountId = payload.account_id const regularFieldName = cf_test const constructedFieldName = `${regularFieldName}_${accountId}`

Hi @Thomas_Haitsma


But this occurs occasionally.

And as per the documentation, this does not supposed to happen, right?

So will this be fixed automatically or do we need to handle this programmatically?

Awaiting your reply.

Thank you.

It happens to me always when the apps are running in production. When testing it does not happen for some strange reason.