Getting the Approver(s) of the SR ticket via API or Workflow

Hello Just wondering if FS already has a way to extract/get the list of approvers when added via api or workflow automator?

I surfed through the API documentation for a while and did not find information to get this list of approvers associated with a service request or /api/v2/tickets/[id]. I certainly think this is a detail that has to go along with the API that gives Ticket Details.

I put you in touch with the Freshservice team to see if they can throw some light or alternative workarounds.

As far as I can see, the approvers’ concept related to Contracts is something Freshservice APIs gives you or maybe against a few other modules.

From the Workflows point of view “Events” is the place where one should be able to get the list of approvers when added. But the closest Event I noticed is “when approved” instead of “who approved”.

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[Freshservice Support]

You can create a widget in Analytics that helps with this information. Please see the filters added in the screenshot: