Getting Timeout error (504) while using Request APIs

Hi Team,

Our application use case to push ticket details created/updated for a day to another System.

On Ticket Create/Update we are saving all the Ticket Ids, end of the day we send the ticket data to another system.

We are calling our third-party API from Freshdesk using Request API in Scheduled Events. Since The timeout period for the app, execution is 20 seconds. It won’t process more than 25 - 30 requests within 20sec.

Is there any alternative to increase the count?

Just mentioning if you can find any possibilities by Automatically retrying the request with Request Method

Thanks for the response.

We already included those options. Initially only 3-5 Third Party API requests we can able to make without maxAttempts, retryDelay. After including those options then we can able to process up to 25 - 30 Third Party API requests.

We like to know any alternative which helps to make more request within 20 sec Scheduled Events Limit.

Hello @ajithr. Good day

If the http request that’s made takes longer time than expected timeout, you can go on and use third party libraries like axios / got on server.js

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