Hide custom apps, based on user ID, Group ID or roles


I have been looking for a way to hide a custom ticket sidebar app for some users. Based on agent ID, group ID, or user roles. But do not figure out it is possible or not.

If user AAA is loged in, the app “Hello App” is shown in the ticket sidebar.
If user BBB is logged in, the app will never even appear in the ticket sidebar.

I realised one of the latest feature of Freshdesk “Agent Handling Time” actually does it based on roles. So Im hoping this is possible.

Hopefully someone can give me a pointer on how this is done.

Unfortunately, there are no such features to hide/show based on the agent/user roles.
if the admin installed the app, it will be available to all the agents.

Hope it helps :slight_smile:


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If you cannot do a check before the app is initialized or disable the app, you could still check for permissions and show\hide\disable controls based on the logged in user. The app would still be there, but you can control what can be done in the app.

function testIt () {
    var textElement = document.getElementById('apptext');
    var mybtn = document.getElementById('mybtn');

    .then(function(lu) {

      var lu_id = `${lu.loggedInUser.id}`

      if (lu_id === "18000057931") {
        textElement.innerHTML = "App Content for " + lu_id;
      else {
        textElement.innerHTML = "You don't have permission";
        mybtn.disabled = true


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