How can i customize the freshdesk widget?

initially i would like to change the window size.

I’ve already tried:

document.getElementById('launcher-frame').style["height"] = custom-height-value

document.getElementById('launcher-frame').style["width"] = custom-width-value

Hi @taylorbyks,

It’s possible to update it via CSS. But, it requires “!important” to be added in the suffix for each style change.


I believe it is not working, when I change css by inspecting element works fine (Image 1), but when i put in a css file didnt work (Image 2).

Image 1: (working)

Image 2:

Hi @taylorbyks,

In CSS, you will have to qualify the selector more specifically. Using only a class name gets a lower priority in the style list.

For example, if you are trying to change the height of the popup, something like this can work:

#freshworks-container #freshworks-frame-wrapper {
  height: 500px !important;

which creates:


I need to change the styles of few element inside the iframe. How can i achieve that. I am able to change the style of the iframe, but can’t change the style of the elements inside the iframe. I tried using the id & custom attributes(data-testid).