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Last Wednesday, we sent the new Freshsales FDK app to Freshworks for review. The Freshworks reviewer rejected this app due to low code coverage. Freshworks team expects at least 80% code coverage. I tried to improve the code coverage for this app. But I’m not able to reach 80% code coverage without a account. Our current Freshsales app supports the freshworks crm and accounts. Actually, we have a freshworks crm account only. So could you please guide me on how to create a account or how to resolve this issue? Please find the attached screenshot for your reference.

Our current code coverages:

Statements: 85.28% ( 817/958 )
Branches: 73.14% ( 177/242 )
Functions: 78.23% ( 115/147 )
Lines: 85.94% ( 813/946 )

Our Freshworks CRM account link - Freshworks

Hi @Hariharan_L,

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The code coverage with respect to branches and functions doesn’t meet the 80% mark which we validate, this is not achievable given that the functions/branches have dependencies on a response from the account’s APIs. Is my understanding correct?

Also, my assumption is this is an app supporting both freshsales and freshworks_crm.

Hi Jones,

Your understanding is correct. Currently, I have a freshworks_crm account only. I need freshsales account for code coverage. Could you please guide me on how to create freshsales account?


Can you please share the App ID?

AppId - 46213
App Name - Exotel CTI for Freshsales

Hi @Hariharan_L,

Can you please re-submit the app?

Hi @zach_jones_noel ,

I’ve resubmitted the app and please refer to the attached screenshot for your reference.

HI @zach_jones_noel ,

The app is still under review. Could you please share the latest update?

Hi @Hariharan_L,

The app is under QA review, it would be completed in a day or two.

Hi @zach_jones_noel, App is still under review. Kindly expedite this and share the ETA

Hey @Hariharan_L,

A review from the QA team was communicated over emails.