How to display related articles on freshdesk solution article page?

I am building a customised portal and want to display ‘Related articles’ on each article page like there is on the freshdesk documentation.
Based on this article: Access to Solutions : Freshdesk I should be able to use the liquid placeholder {{ related }} but this does not work. I have tried many things such as {{ related_articles }}, {{ article.related }} and many other permutations but nothing gives me the desired outcome.
The following code renders simply []

	<aside class="yell-relatedArticles">
		<h2>Related articles</h2>
			{% for relatedArticle in related %}
      		<p>{{ relatedArticle.title }} [{{relatedArticle.url}}]</p>
			{% endfor %}

There must be a way to do this, I just need the correct liquid placeholder.

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