How to retrieve all Ticket via API

Hello folks,
I am trying to retrieve ALL tickets in our firm from inception (approx since year 2017) into my database. I am using Azure data factory to do this and the is the URL that i am passing.

But no matter what or how i change the date, I only get the last 30 days worth of data and nothing more. What am i doing wrong ?

Hi @sagan, you will need to paginate the results using page and per_page query parameters.

For example, this is the HTTP request to get the second page with 50 records per page.

GET /api/v2/tickets?updated_since=2017-01-11T00:00:00Z&page=2&per_page=50 HTTP/1.1

You will get a link HTTP response header which will have the address for the next page if a next page exists in the list of records.

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Thank you. That helped.