How to update the FDK to latest version

By default, the Freshworks CLI (FDK) is installed with the latest version when installed via the following command.

npm install -g

When running any Freshworks CLI (FDK) command, if a new Freshworks CLI version is available, a message will be displayed at the command line prompt asking whether you would like to install it. To install the latest FDK version, type Y or Yes.

You can update the Freshworks CLI (FDK) anytime by checking the current version.

To check the version of the currently installed FDK and update the same, run the following command:

fdk version

IThe installed FDK version is displayed along with the latest version and the instructions to update the same. Execute the installation command to update the Freshworks CLI if any updates are available.

Using the latest version of the Freshworks CLI is always recommended to get the most out of our platform and security updates.

To view the released FDK versions, go to the Getting Started → What’s New section of the respective product’s SDK documentation.

Note: A new major version of Freshworks CLI (FDK) is available for early access. Check out the announcement of platform version 2.2 to read more about it and install the latest version if you wish to opt for it now. Install the FDK v9 with an upgrade to Node.js v18. The older version of Freshworks CLI (FDK) will be deprecated with enough time given to migrate your apps.

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