Ideas for Hello world app

we all know this good old friend, and my very first app with FDK.
the one and only your_first_app:sunglasses:

Time to dress it up,
we wanted to create tutorials on building the “Hello World” app, with your_first_app as the basis.

Please share your ideas, that takes minimal effort to build an appealing Hello World app.

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:bulb: For Freshdesk or Freshservice – We can call an app that bookmarks a current ticket as a ‘Hello World’ App ? Not sure if that can be good enough use case.

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That’s cool.
I’ve two ideas for now:

  1. An app with the button “Say Hello!”, On click create a ticket with title: “Hey [agent] :wave:, First HELLO always inspires!”

  2. A fun app to guess and toss Heads/Tails.