Integration of FreshChat with React Web

Sure, // is our widget URL and cueteacher_app_teacher_bot is our tag for the specific topic.

Hi @Jinus_MK. It looks like this issue is related to a campaign issue. You have campaign but that does not map to any agent, due to this problem occurring

can you please disable the campaign if its enabled? after disabling all campaigns, please check and confirm once.

Else if you need campaigns, please assign that campaign to rite team

Sorry for the delay in response. I caught up with other work.

Sure @Mani_Tamilarasan , I’ll try this solution will update you

We are not having any active Campaigns, please help me if there’s something else that I can verify why this is happening @Mani_Tamilarasan

As per your request in the API you have campaigns and its not assigned to any agent thats the problem.

This is the valid campaigns request, check this response sample. you can agent object inside each rule. but your side don’t have that object thats the problem. pls reconfigure or disable the campaign and check.

Please share where can I see the active campaigns on the admin portal or please share if there’s any api to retrieve the same. Thanks

you can check here, upon clicking customer journeys you can see list of campaigns listed

Thank you for your assistance. As depicted in the screenshot below, there are currently no active campaigns. Could you suggest any other areas I might investigate to troubleshoot the issue?

Hey @Mani_Tamilarasan, Do we have any update on this issue?

hi @Jinus_MK Looks like agent got removed or deleted for that particular created campaigns. To resolve this can you please raise the ticket with above information, team will help you to resolve this issue.