Introducing the Freshworks App Challenge 🚀

We are excited to invite you to our first online hackathon!.

This, however, isn’t your average hackathon. It is a challenge designed to not just have fun while building, but also to encourage you to look at yourself as entrepreneurs… Freshworks has grown to over 50,000 customers today and we invite you to make your apps available to thousands of businesses on our platform.

While we can’t really put a price tag on your time and efforts, we are offering $38,000 in prizes! What’s more, Freshworks will offer special support to help your apps reach our large user base and generate recurring revenue for you! You just can’t go wrong with this App Challenge.


We invite you to build apps along the following tracks.

  • Delivering a WOW with Customer Experience
    • Walk in the shoes of a Customer Support Agent or Customer Success teams, and imagine solutions that power collaboration, improve productivity, and help deliver a top-notch customer experience.!
  • Enabling delightful IT Service Management
    • Walk in the shoes of your friendly, neighborhood IT team, and empower them with Automation, or help them organize better or be proactive to absolutely delight their users.

We know you are raring to go. Register for the Freshworks Refresh App Challenge Now!

If you are new here, worry not. We have lined up a bunch of support and enablement to help you make your mark in this hackathon. Plus, our platform is really easy to get started with if you are already a coder or a Javascript enthusiast. Just ask any of our seasoned community champions!

What do I build, you ask?

It is not easy to come up with a killer idea and bring it to life in a way that blows minds. Most successful apps that will thrive app challenges are often the ones who identify a highly relevant pain point very early, leaving them with enough time to build a polished app.

To help you find inspiration and quickly overcome this first hurdle, we worked with product managers, sales engineers, and customers of Freshworks to create a collection of very relevant business problems they wish to see solved via our platform…

Check out the collection now

Plan pragmatically

Decide what you’re going to do every week, identify your critical milestones. Figure out the next most important thing every day and get it done. To get you going, we prepared a recommended weekly calendar for this app challenge.

Read the recommended plan to race through Freshworks App Challenge

The Epicenter

We are the Champions

We love building stuff. Doing this together as part of a community is even more fun. Breaking through hard problems feels thrilling. Leaning on each other - your team, the broader community - makes us a part of a bigger whole. In the end, we all win!

But there’s always a little more. Submit a functional version of your apps in time to stand a chance to demo this at our marquee, annual conference Refresh, live to our excited customers.

All eligible apps also stand a chance to win one of the many prizes we have on offer.

To top it all, we work together to get your apps listed on our Marketplace and get real users to sign up to use them!