Is an orchestrate app a serverless app? I want to buld an app that can be seen by the workflow

We want to create an app that can be seen by the workflow. What type of app should I be making?
Basically we want to extend the docusign APIs available in a work flow.

Hi Race Vanderdecken,
I don’t know if it is possible to directly call a method of a custom app in workflows, but you can create a serverless app.

As the documentation says:

Serverless apps are apps that run in response to events such as app installation and uninstallation, events that occur in the Freshservice product (such as, ticket creation, updation, and so on), or events that occur in an external product or service. […] Event listeners invoke callback methods when the events occur

What I recommend is to replace your workflow with a serverless app. Otherwise, from your workflow you can call app methods via external events (using webhooks).

Hope this helps!

Thank you @Mattia_Piparo. It does help.