Is Freshservice suitable for monitoring different API processors?

Is it possible to monitor each single client-installation of my API integration (available on Freshworks App Marketplace) with Freshservice?

  • Can an API integration/interface (processor) be monitored & managed by Freshservice?
  • It should be possible that the API processor of my integration/interface is able to send info (regarding data fields, volume, and rate => to check if limits of volume/rate are overrun or not) to the Freshservice API (at least into custom fields). In Freshservice should then appear respective alerts if limits are overrun. Is that possible?



Through the developer portal you log in to publish your app should ideally show the health of your published app on the Freshworks Marketplace or it’s usage by Freshworks users. Today, this capability isn’t available for the developers to consume via dashboard or APIs.

It depends on what expectations you mean by “monitoring” or “managed”. For example, the number or requests, installations, & data all can be scaled by Freshworks if the app you plan to publish is built using Freshworks CLI.

Let’s say, you want to know if the app hits a rate limit. As an app developer, you can handle this within the app execution context to make an API call to the system when the app hits a rate limit. That can be made possible and will translate that into alerts. But Freshworks informing the app developer via their developer dashboard should be the ideal experience that isn’t offered today. I will record this as a feature request.