Is it possible to create pre-configured workflows for Freshservice?


I have a question that is not directly linked to development, but I’ll give it a shot. If I take Freshservice as an example, you can setup statuses for your change so that it follows a workflow (Open, Planning, etc.) - for example:

Is it possible to provide customers with preconfigured content? In this very example, having the statuses, transitions, etc. preconfigured in a certain way that fits them better? Or would that only be possible through consulting?


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Hi @sabatale,

I’m afraid we do not have experts on the Freshservice product area to provide you the right answer.

Could you please contact the Freshservice support ( with your query? They will be able to help you with that.

@sabatale, if I am understanding your request correctly, it is something that I think you can accomplish by utilizing by customizing the change lifecycle and then using the workflow automator for changes. Create some workflows that are triggered based on status changes.

For example, I use the change lifecycle in conjunction with the workflow automator to send out custom email notifications to customers based on the status of the change. As the change moves through the change lifecycle and the status of the change is updated, that new status triggers a workflow sending out the custom notification.

Not sure if this was what you were hinting at, but hope it helps.


You got the idea right. But my question was essentially to know whether it’s possible to “ship” those workflows with the custom app, instead of requiring the customer to basically set them up (workflows, workflow automator…) manually. Same would apply to Freshdesk for ticketing workflow.

But I guess this is not possible. Thanks to both of you!

Basically this:

I see what you are mean, it would be nice to be able to create custom configurations that could be packaged and distributed with an instance of freshservice or freshdesk, similar to the default automators that come standard with the out of the box experience. I could see this being a big advantage for those using MSP mode for freshservice. Would save hours of configuration for administrators.

Suggest you pass this up as a feature request. :smiley: