Is there a "null" for emails?

I am new to the platform and to this community - but I love what I see so far.

I have to imagine someone has run into this.

I am using a webhook to create a ticket.

I have the basics working well enough but I have one problem. This is for alerts associated with IoT fleet management. I generate a ticket when the fleet management software sees something not right - like a low battery condition. When that happens the fleet management software send an email to the contact(s) for that device and opens a ticket in Freshdesk via a webhook.

Here is the issue: some devices have one email associated with them and some have two. The ticket “from” will always be email1. But, I wanted to cc email2 if it is there. The problem is that when I include the following in my webhook body:

"cc_emails": ["","email2@not-always-included"]

It works perfectly if the device has a email2 defined but causes an HTTP 400 error if that field is blank:

Is there a value I can put in the email2 field that will tell Fresh Desk, “hey, just ignore this”. I have tried blank, null,-,@,<> but not sure what else might work. Would it be a terrible thing for Fresh Desk to accept that the last of a list of cc’s might just be “”?