Is there any possibility to add onAppUpdate, onAppSave events in app setup events and API for checking the user's current pricing plan in Freshdesk?

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Here I have two feedbacks.

Feedback - 1: Any chance to add onAppUpdate, onAppSave events in app setup events?

Currently, we have a few paid apps. Those apps settings page has to get the details from the user. And then, those credentials are passed to our middleware server when the user installs the app. Now, we are planning to add something to the app settings page and update those in our middleware. But, we couldn’t update those newly added details to our middleware. Sometimes, the user wants to change the details in the app settings. In that situation also, we were failed to update those details to our middleware server.
We seem that there are only two app setup events

  1. onAppInstall
  2. onAppUninstall

If you add these two app setup events (onAppUpdate, onAppSave), then it will helpful for all of our developers.

Feedback - 2: Any chance to add API for checking the user’s current pricing plan?

We are planning to implement the limitations based on the user’s current pricing plan for our paid apps. For large customers, our current app development doesn’t fit. For example, the customers want to add more number of Google My Business locations through our integration. If they add then the API rate limit will be easily breached. So, we are looking for an API to get the user’s current pricing plan.
In the future, the customer may change their pricing plan. In that situation, they may forget to update it and we don’t want the customer to update their plan in our app. We want to make this is an automated one.

Please share your thoughts about my feedbacks.

Hello @Saravanakumar_Raju,

Thank you for taking time and writing your feedback in detail on the forum. I really appreciate your efforts.

I have informed this to the relevant product managers.

Hi, Hope you are doing well, may I ask if there is any update on the above Post ? I am having quite a similar requirement. Thanks in advance !

Hi @Himanshu_Sehgal,

We intend introducing a onAppUpdate event recently. This is still in discussions phase. We are passively working with Product Managers to prioritize this for app developers.

cc: @harish.janjam @Ganesh_Balaji

That’s Great! and is there any api available right now which can fetch plan details ?

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Linking a similar request to the same post for future reference to pass as feedback to the app platform team

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This is our first step to closing the feature loop for our developer community. Thank you for all the feedback.

afterAppUpdate is now available!

Checkout the code sample:

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