Kickstarter: Build apps for Freshteam on the Freshworks Developer Platform

Welcome to the Freshworks developer community! This document covers all the steps you need to take to build and publish your own Freshteam app.

Trial Account:

Create a trial Freshteam account and request for a trial extension by raising a request on our Assist portal.

Setting Up for Development:

  1. Make sure you have all the prerequisites.

  2. Explore the Freshteam Quick Start Guide

  3. Access the Freshteam REST API documentation on SwaggerHub

  4. Understand the types of apps
    1. Custom App - runs on our developer platform and used only by the Freshworks customer who developed it
    2. Freshteam App - published on the marketplace for any Freshteam customer to install and use (In the Developer App Submission it is called a Freshworks App)
    3. External App - doesn’t run on our developer platform but only requires REST APIs to be consumed. These apps can also be published on to the marketplace.

  5. Discuss with Brejesh (brejesh.aiyer@freshworks) the use case and scope of the app so he can provide inputs.

  6. Testing the App: To verify if the app works as expected, we recommend all apps that need to be published on the marketplace to be deployed as a custom app on your trial account. It is advisable to work with Brejesh ( to gather any early feedback.

Process to Upload any App from your Freshteam Account

Marketplace App Submission

  1. Learn about the App Review Process and the Code Review Process

  2. Read this article for tips to get through the code review process.

  3. Refer to Frequently Asked Questions

Facing a problem?

Create a topic on the Freshworks Developer Community and let our developer community respond to you. (Note ; You must sign up on the Freshworks Developer Community and create a topic for it to be responded to).