Let us Introduce ourselves!

Hey Hey :wave:

We have collectively become a community more than 1000 developers. In fact, long time ago. So why don’t we introduce ourselves over this thread? :icecream:

I will go first. :bullettrain_front:

For those of you who don’t know, I work as a Developer Advocate here at Freshworks. I enjoy answering some of the queries on this forum to my knowledge alongside participating in all initiatives from Freshworks. I love Pizzas :pizza: and Briyani. What’s your favorite food?

I look forward to interacting with all of you in all ways possible! :ping_pong:

I read more on Twitter than I actually tweet.
I write blogs, but not technical.
I am on LinkedIn to secretly see profiles.

P.S: I really haven’t consulted with my team before making this post. Surprise :gift: (:sweat_smile: )

I nominate @arshath.h, @RobAtOpinyin, @samuelpares, @yusrakhatri @Zach, and @stevemc from the community. Also, @Santhosh and @shravan.balasubraman from Freshworks to continue this thread. But hey, every one of you is invited :cake:


Thank you @Saif for the nomination. Btw Saif forgots to mention that he is the one providing best music during the virtual huddles :smiley:

Hello everyone! Yusra Khatri from Codup, Pakistan here! :slight_smile:

Working on Freshworks applications since 2018 (when Codup became the SI partner) and was officially the part of this community since last year January (I think). I try to be active here as much as I can. This journey with the community here has been incredible and I totally love the vibe here. :sparkles:

I love meeting new people. Connects with those who have great sense of humor.
Big time foodie and like people who loves food! :shallow_pan_of_food:

Looking forward to read about fellow community members! :v:


This thread really comes as a surprise! :smile: :thought_balloon:

Hello everyone!

I work as a Developer Advocate at Freshworks based out of Chennai, India. I have been interacting with the community from the beginning of my career at Freshworks. Answering the queries from the community here is part of my job. I join my team to participate in the other initiatives to serve our community.
My favorite food is Biryani and I love all the sweets in the world.

Let’s connect on Twitter and LinkedIn where I mostly spend my free time scrolling and ranting. :mega:

Looking forward to learning about and interacting with all of you! :cowboy_hat_face:


Wow!! Really appreciate the nomination as well as this community!

Glad to be here, I’m Zach King from Michigan, USA. I have been a member of this community since it’s beginning and have been administering the suite of Freshworks products for my company for the last 2 years. Its about that time that I started my journey into software development. And thanks to the community here, I have been able to expand my knowledge fairly quickly.

I do the best I can to participate and answer the questions I feel I am qualified to answer. And due to some friendships made here, I know where to direct users when I don’t know the answer :wink: (lol @Hem @Saif @Raviraj).

Outside of software developing, I love to eat, hit the gym, play the guitar, and spend time chasing all my children :smiley:

I’m excited to see this community continue to grow. Let me know how I can be of help :tada:


Glad that am replying to some thread which is casual and not very problem oriented like generally :stuck_out_tongue: . Thanks for the surprise @saif.shines

Am Shravan. Am living here in Chennai, India. I write code with the help of a lot of patience(and coffee) here at Freshworks :smiley:. I have spent a considerable amount of time here in the community right from its start and got to interact with a lot of you. To be honest, answering in the community in the middle of the regular work is fresh air to me. I get to relax. Surprising myself with finding the solution, answering it and receiving love and gratitude from the community still gives me chills. Hope to continue doing that here :slight_smile:

I eat anything and everything, although on a normal day I would prefer Curd(Yogurt) with rice :slight_smile: over anything.

I mostly respond to messages in Facebook and LinkedIn. Hit me up for conversations about tech, music, cinema and what not :smiley:


As boss to @Saif, I am wondering what he is up to. But knowing this DevRel team, he is probably doing something to expand the feeling of community amongst us all.

I like to say that I lead the engineering efforts on this platform we have tried building a community around. But all the great work is done by the awesome team that is fiercely driven by this growing but engaged community and their continuous feedback.

I usually demonstrate a dry sense of humor believing that some humor is better than none.

When it comes to the community, I primarily pry around looking for patterns, responding to long-pending threads, and generally just learning from everyone’s experience. The investments and engagement from all of you inspire me to imagine a bigger future and a more powerful platform, without ever sacrificing on the developer experience.

Like @Raviraj, I read more on Twitter than I tweet. Like @Zach, I spend most of my free time with my young’un. Unlike most folks who have gone before me, I can’t pick a favorite food even though I consider myself a connoisseur. Additionally, to paraphrase what Patrick Collison said I wake up each day so that I can sinfully enjoy my 2 cups of coffee :slight_smile: . Lastly, the lockdown has revived my interest in reading and I thoroughly enjoy science fiction from Asimov and am now reading the Dune Trilogy.


Very happy to see 1000+ strong freshworks developer community!! As a way of introduction, this is Manju here, Platform Product Manager for Marketplace taking care of both Customer Experience as well as Developer Experience. Would love to hear your experiences both good and bad, more so bad so that I can work to get them resolved!! :slight_smile:)

On a personal front, used to be a serial entrepreneur, developer by heart, voracious reader but mainly non-fiction mostly related to startups, developer platform, business related and also about economy. Very active on LinkedIn and you can connect with me there if you prefer (manjunath gowda).

Look forward to interacting with you all. Have a great day & a wonderful week ahead!!


Hello guys! Thanks for the nomination!

So let’s go… I’m Samuel from Brazil and I work as software engineer at Loupen, mainly building integrations using the Freshworks SDK. I love the fact the we have this community and we can help each others in time of need haha. As @shravan.balasubraman said, answering questions in the middle of the regular work is very satisfying, although lately I’m not spending so much time here as I wanted.

On personal basis, I like to listen to music, play guitar, watch movies and go for outdoors activities.

Let’s keep growing!


Hey Folks,

Thanks @Saif for providing the opportunity to introduce myself with great mates in this community.

Being an early bird in this community, working in a startup (Geekfactory) My responsibilities started from requirement gathering, pre-sales activities, developing and post delivery support as well. And Very interesting part of Freshworks platform is Integration which excites me all time. :smiling_imp:

I wanted to be an active person in this community to learn new thing and develop my skills also help our community to solve their problems.

My personal likes are, Coding at midnight with Tea and Hangouts with friends :slight_smile:

Looking forward for events and huddle’s :partying_face: