Manipulate the ticket form with liquid

hello guys, I have the following use case:

on the customer portal I need to add and remove data from a select according to the company!

I would like to do this directly with liquid, would you have an example of how to do this?
(with jquery it is simpler to do, but I find it very susceptible to error!)


if the company is equal to “x” I must display in the category: “1” and “2” if it is equal to Y: “3” and “4”

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Hi @Marllon_Mainardes,

We do not have experts on the customer portal customization in the community yet.

I hope, these solution articles would be helpful to design a solution for your use-case.

  1. To fetch company information of the user - Managing User Access : Freshdesk
  2. To display dynamic form based on a condition - Conditional Statements : Freshdesk

If it does not satisfy your requirement, please contact Freshdesk support for expert advice.

hello, thank you for your feedback, today I already make customizations this way, I was just checking if there was a better solution, but the support informed me that it is not possible with the liquid, the only way to do it is with jquery.

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Thanks for confirming, @Marllon_Mainardes.