Meet the community champions of Q2 2021๐ŸŽ–

Community Champions :trophy::person_climbing:t2:

At Freshworks, we are all about recognizing and rewarding outstanding contributors who regularly inspire and engage others in the developer community. In that spirit, last year in Q2, we announced our first batch of Community Champions; when we started, we did not imagine coming this far; itโ€™s time to thank each of you for your contribution and making this community active and living.

Today we are all set to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the Community Championsโ€™ Program.:champagne: I want to take a moment to recognize the top contributors of the Community who made their best efforts to share their knowledge with other developers. They have also contributed to the developer community forum via forum posts, solutions, engaging discussions, and feedback related to the developer platform. Please join us to applaud @yusrakhatri @stevemc @Zach @samuelpares @RobAtOpinyin @arshath.h for their contributions. :clap:t2:

Also, our โ€™frontlineโ€™ consists of Freshworks engineers and experts who go the extra mile to help app developers make the most of the resources and support on our platform. Here are our fantastic frontliners for Q2 2021: @Santhosh @shravan.balasubraman @prithvi @Rubha_shree @Srikanth_Reddy @Sachin_Kumar.:trophy:

A huge congratulation and cheers to our Q4 champions. We truly appreciate your efforts and what you have done to help us grow as a community. We hope that you will continue your valuable contributions to the Freshworks Developer Community. :champagne::trophy:

The Freshworks Developer Community is fun because it is a forum where developers can get their questions answered, engage in interesting conversations, and share feedback. We are always looking for more volunteers to help their fellow developersโ€ฆ (Youโ€™ll also get a chance to win exciting prizes in the process!)

Coming together is a beginning, Keeping together is progress, Working together is success.

Cheers, keep contributing! :raised_hands:t2:


Thanks for the recognition. A pleasure to be part of this amazing community :slightly_smiling_face:

Congratulations to all the champions :clap:


Really appreciate all the hard work this community does to support one another. Thank you for the recognition and as always I will continue to do what I can to help this community grow. Congratulations to all those mentioned :tada:


It is so great to both see familiar faces who are fast becoming the backbone of our community and new faces who represent the exciting future we all look forward to. This community is nothing without your efforts as well as your interest in making this a better place for everyone. Thank you for all you do!


Always a pleasure to be part of such amazing community and to support our fellow members! :sparkles: โ€‹

Thank you for the recognition and congratulations to all those mentioned! :slight_smile: