Meet the Community Champions : Q2 2020🏆

Freshworks Developer Community Champions are those who have contributed via solutions, engaging discussions, and feedback related to the developer platform in our forum. From the forum to virtual events, we see great community contributions from Freshworks Developers willing to share their knowledge with others!

Today, we want to recognize and reward the Community Champions who make our community open, fantastic, and friendly @Zach @Saravanakumar_Raju @Sheik @ashwins93 @ilya.belyavskiy @Raghu_Murugesan

Having a vibrant community of developers who add value to each other promotes rapid growth. One of the best ways to do that is by helping fellow developers, seeking help, and giving feedback. Once you start doing it, being a Freshworks Developer is fun.

Happy Contributing :handshake:


Wow what an amazing Honor!!! I truly appreciate this community and what each of you have done to help me grow as a developer. I hope that I can continue to contribute useful content and bring awareness to the Freshworks Developer Community!!!

Great job to everyone mentioned above!


Wow :open_mouth: This is great to hear :blush: I have learned a lot from here. This community helped me out solve many problems. Also, I have a chance to help others. This is a great community that helps us to grow together :mechanical_arm:

Thanks for giving this great honor to us Community Team :handshake: