Misleading page for custom actions in Freshdesk

Hey Folks,

Could you please create a sample app or small demo app showcasing the usage and features of Custom Actions?


I first wondered how did you discover this. If someone goes to developers.freshdesk.com, this page is hidden.

Then I google searched it and found this, :man_facepalming: (… and I thought hidden)

It might weird coming from ourselves representing Freshworks,

  1. This feature is not available for Freshworks apps running on Freshdesk. Not even sure if Freshdesk offers it.
  2. It shows up on google search because… search crawlers… crawl into everything. :spider:
  3. I must admit, this is not intended to be public nor this API is meant to be reliable.

Please ignore this page. Apologies for setting wrong expectations.

On the bright side, we are working with the platform design team to switch to a newer and integrated experience of the documentation. Meanwhile, let me find how this page is actually deleted.


Hi there,
I see this post is fairly old now and I’ve also noticed that several apps listed under Freshdesk do have access to this functionality.
However, the resources available for it seem to be frustratingly limited.

Could you please direct me to more documentation on how to produce a custom workflow action like the one used in the Slack App? Example Image