Missing Field actor_3

I am trying to post an Onboarding service request and I thought I had all the required fields, however now all of sudden I am getting an error message:
“description”: “Validation failed”,
“errors”: [
“field”: “actor_3”,
“message”: “It should not be blank as this is a mandatory field”,
“code”: “missing_field”

what in the world would I need this field to post an onboarding service request.

Here is the json that I am using :slight_smile:
“fields”: {
“requester_id”: “Mark Johnson”,
“subject”: “Employee\u00a0Onboarding\u00a0Request - SR384 - Marsha Brady”,
“cf_discalimer”: “NULL”,
“cf_start_date”: “2023-05-29”,
“cf_business_unit”: “Shared Services”,
“cf_department”: “AL-SHS-TEC IT HelpDesk”,
“cf_gl_accounting_department”: “AL-SHS-TEC IT HelpDesk”,
“cf_worker_s_job_title”: “System Engineer”,
“cf_worker_s_location”: “United States”,
“cf_worker_type”: “Internal Employee”,
“cf_name_of_client_consultant_is_on_engagement_with”: “”,
“cf_is_this_fss_worker_an_advanced_clinical_employee”: “”,
“cf_worker_s_functional_b_u___determines_day_1_access_provisioned”: “Shared Services”,
“cf_functional_role”: “IT”,
“cf_functional_area”: “IT - All Roles”,
“cf_hiring_manager”: “Kerri Appletonr”,
“cf_reporting_manager”: 15002260653,
“cf_legal_first_name”: “Marsha”,
“cf_legal_last_name”: “Brady”,
“cf_preferred_display_name”: “Marsha Brady”,
“cf_worker_s_phone_number”: “3122221111”,
“cf_worker_s_personal_email_address”: “mbrady@fakedomainb.com”,
“cf_worker_s_mailing_address”: “4222 Clinton Way, Los Angeles, CA 90921”,
“cf_is_the_worker_a_rehire_or_former_advanced_consultant”: “No”,
“cf_additional_notes”: “Here are some notes on Marsha”

Any idea how to either add Actor, although my error message is for actor_3 which I can’t find in any of the documentation, to exclude it so it is not required?