OAuth redirect URL appends additional callback query parameter

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After this updation of app,am facing redirect url mismatch i found that now Freshdesk is appending call back url to one more extra param as this: http://localhost:10001/auth/callback?callback= https://newaccount1629705149443.freshdesk.com/a/contacts/82033933826?dev=true, earlier its only just - http://localhost:10001/auth/callback according to this doc - OAuth it should be Provide the redirect URL for your app in the third-party developer portal. Testing: http://localhost:10001/auth/callback Production: https://oauth.freshdev.io/auth/callback . May i know how can i resolve this issue on my end.
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Hi Anitha (@Setmore_Support),

This is not related to the recent updates to the platform version. Instead, it was updated in the recent past before this change. You can refer to this topic for the details.

Only for local testing, the callback query parameter is required. We will get the documentation updated accordingly.

Hi @Raviraj ,
Thank you so much for the update. So according to the topic i get to know only for local testing i have to make this changes every time i have to give full redirect url. But hope this would change to old way as static redirect url because as domain is dynamic for one to one it will be hard to add always redirect url for one to one person in local testing time.
next thing is- access_type=offline&response_type=code&redirect_uri=http://localhost:10001/auth/callback?callback= https://newaccount1629705149443.freshdesk.com/a/contacts/82033933826?dev=true&product=freshdesk&state=15763e29-37d0-4e6c-9998-c268c9f82b5b if you are seeing this text of callback we are having space in between callback= https://newaccount16 and also in some times its holding http://localhost:10001/auth/callback?callback=http://localhost:10001/custom_configs?product=freshdesk&product=freshdesk prodcut key is twice and the callback param is dynamic. So please consider this in future to make it flexible to consume it as earlier.
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