Portal Announcements Marquee

Is there a server side API call that can obtain all of the announcements for the main portal page, similar to {{#announcement}}? I tried using {{#each announcements}} like the full announcements page uses, but it returns nothing. Looking into creating a scrolling marquee for announcements on the home page.

So, the code on the Portal Home page looks like this. We need something similar, but for all announcements that can be parsed with a scripting call:
div class=“announcement-banner-container”
a class=“announcement-link” href=“/support/announcements/{{id}}”
div class=“announcement-latest”
div class=“announcement-postedby-img”
{{avatar name=user.name url=user.avatar_url class=“user-profile-pic”}}
div class=“announcement-content”
h2 class=“announcement-title”>{{title}}</h2
p class=“announcement-postedby”>{{{ translate “portal.announcements_sidebar.posted_by” user_name=user.name created_on=(timediff planned_start_date) }}}</p
div class=“announcement-show-all”
a class=“announcement-show-all-link” href=“/support/announcements”
{{translate “portal.view_all”}}

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Have you solved this by any chance?