Powershell action in workflow fails

Hi Community.

I’m building a workflow automation and using the powershell orchestration app to initiate a script on a remote machine.
Everything works fine when testing the script, and gives me a successful response.
But when the workflow is triggered by a new incident, i receive an error.

My guess is that the workflow doesn’t wait for the response from the server before continuing, why the error response.

Any idea on how to solve this?

Hi @JonathanHojtoft,

There are not many :freshservice: experts on the forum to proactively help you out here. But I had a chance to understand your use case better. If I am not wrong, you are trying to use a PowerShell orchestration app within the Freshservice Orchestration Center.

Unfortunately, this problem can be specific to the orchestration app that you’re trying to use

The app developer who has built the app can assist you if you could reach out to them on support@freshservice.com

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