Powershell in orchestration server - slow

Hi Community.

I’m researching the possibilities on the new feature “Powershell - Orch”

I’ve setup a virtual machine and installed the orchestration server and get a successfully online in my freshservice instance.
When running commands like “whoami” it returns the result successfully but quite slow.

I’ve also setup a test Active directory which also works directly on the Virtual machine when running commands in powershell.

However, if i run the same command in freshservice workflow automation, it takes quite a while, and i have not yet received a response. It just keeps running.

Have any of you had any success with quicker response times using the powershell feature and the orchestration server?


Hi @JonathanHojtoft,

We do not have experts of Freshservice on our community to assist your query on Orchestration apps.
Please contact Freshservice support (support@freshservice.com) with your query.