Prepopulate fields in the web Portal Form?

We use Freshdesk for our mobile game.

In the game’s settings menu, there’s a button that opens the URL for the Freshdesk web portal. From there, players can explore our FAQ or submit a new ticket.

When they submit a ticket, we need to collect their customer ID so we can access their account and fix their problem.

Currently, players are expected to copy/paste the customer ID from the game into the ticket creation form. This is far from ideal and leads to many errors and wasted time.

What would be a better way to collect this ID without the customer intervention?

Hey @MiguelS
You can add parameters in the link and react on that with jScript.
We have tried this in one of our portals:

So if the customer id is something your customers are used to, I think it would not be an issue to call the portal directly with customer_id as URL parameter.

That is how we tried it, but there may be another (better) way. Maybe one which comes out of the box and does not need portal customization (jScript).

So hope to see some other replies too.