Problem using NPM packages for serverless app

I’m encountering issues with utilizing NPM packages like axios, where the code fails to function beyond a certain point. I have attached a file that includes more details.

multimedia issue using NPM (27.6 KB)

Here, I have installed the NPM package, included it in the manifest, and exported it in my server.js file. However, I am encountering an error despite these steps.

Hey @Abdul_Ghani,

I see that you are using $request in the shared snippet.

Can you share the manifest.json file which contains the npm package?

Hello Jones, I experimented with both axios and request methods, typically avoiding the inclusion of “request” in the dependency list in the manifest. (528 Bytes)

Additionally, I have attached the file where we provide recommendations on this matter.

Hey @Abdul_Ghani,

The manifest.json looks good with axios npm package. But it’s using platform version 2.2, please upgrade to platform version 2.3.

Is the app failing with timeouts when you use request method so you are looking at npm packages?