Questions on the onTicketUpdate trigger

Hello everyone ? I have a question related to the onTicketUpdate trigger… reading the documentation I found that onTicketUpdate can’t get information from custom fields inside a ticket. However, I did some tests and it turned out that onTicketUpdate returned information from the custom fields I sent. My question is:

Does it get custom fields or not? Is the documentation not up to date?

Another question I have, is there any way to identify which fields were updated in the ticket, specifically the custom fields?


Hey @Lucas_de_Lagos_Pando

A couple of points to answer your query.

  1. The onTicketCreate as well as onTicketUpdate events always return the custom field data present in the ticket.
  2. There is a special field in the onTicketUpdate event called changes which shows what fields changed as part of the action that triggered the event.
  3. As for just custom field changes (as in you just change a custom field), the update events are not triggered by default.

Hi @prithvi

Is there any way to make onUpdateTicket get the custom fields when only they are changed? or some alternative way to do this?


Until very recently, changes to custom fields did not trigger onTicketUpdate. There was a change a few weeks ago that enabled this (for us at least). If it’s not the case for you, perhaps they haven’t rolled it out for your instance yet - I’d contact your support rep.


Wow, I’m very happy to hear that… I’m going to test in my instances…


It’s not triggering in my instance.

@prithvi how can I make it trigger to my instance? …since @Jamie made it work on their

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Hello everyone, as I understand it is now possible to get the information from the custom field with the onTicketUpdate trigger, but how do I do this?

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Hey guys, can someone please update us about this possibility of trigger the onTicketUpdate event for custom fields?

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Hey sorry for the late update.

Due to heavy traffic to the :freshdesk: custom field changes events would introduce, we are not activating all the accounts yet. But, this can be opt-in by the accounts and we would have to analyse the existing traffic to see if it would affect any existing Marketplace apps to breach the rate-limits and if the product API rate-limits will be exhausted.
If you would like to receive update events for custom fields change as well, please request for your account at