React in freshchat not working


I Am unable to create a react app in fresh chat.

As there is no template for a fresh chat in CLI we are getting only for Freshdesk.

So I used the folder structure from the Freshdesk react template and changed the product name to fresh chat.

Hi Gopi,
I tried doing the same.

  1. Created the react app using the template in Freshdesk
  2. In the manifest changed the product name and also the location
  3. Ran yarn install to install the dependencies
  4. Ran fdk run and added ?dev=true in my freshchat account

The app was rendered in my chat account.

Can you brief more on the issues you are facing so that it would be easier for anyone to help

Hi @Gopi ,

Good Day!

We are yet to hear back from you. Do let us know if you still need help with this one.