React Native integration

Hi everyone. I need to integrate Freshdesk to a React-Native application for my organisation. Is there any support existing for that?

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Can you please elaborate on your ask?
Do you want to create a Freshdesk App with react native?


I need to create/integrate a widget for Freshdesk in my application.

yes, you can create Framework apps
Kindly refer this for more reference

Thanks for your reply.

However, the link you referred me to is for React app development, not for React-Native app development. Is there any similar reference for React-Native?


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Unfortunately, We don’t have the support of react-native in build in the FDK, but you can use any framework inside the app,

eg: you can create a folder called src (contains react-native code) inside the app root folder, and include the final build in the template.html, and try running the app.

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Thanks for your assistance.

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