Requested items tag bug

When using a workflow action node to add a tag with a prefix and the requested items placeholder, it is only added to the first requested item. When there is a suffix after the requested items placeholder, it will be added only to the last requested item.

The expected behavior is for the prefix and suffix to be added to all requested items. but instead, they are only added to either the first or the last item respectively.

Add tag: SR-{{ticket.service_request_item_names}} will result with tags of SR-Laptop and monitor
Add tag: {{ticket.service_request_item_names}}-SR will result with tags of Laptop and monitor-SR

{{ticket.service_request_item_names}} is an array of items so maybe you could do something like this

SR-{{ticket.service_request_item_names | replace: ',', ', SR-'}}

Not sure if you would get one tag per item or just one long tag.

Thanks Daniel. I’ll try this and report back