Required information for effective solutioning

When asking questions and reporting issues, share the context of the issue and specific details to understand and troubleshoot the issue. With the effective solutioning, the issue could get resolved sooner without further back to back discussions.

When helping out the community with developers’ queries, request for the relevant information to get the complete context to understand the problem to help in better and quicker ways.

How to help for an effective solutioning?

By asking clear questions with enough information to give context and to reproduce the issue, the community can jump in to quickly provide the solution and their thoughts.

What are the required information?

Depending on the type of the problem and query, some of this information may vary and would be invalid.

  • Browser name and version (Example: Google Chrome 57.0.1 (64-bit))
  • FDK version (Example: V6.5.1) (fdk version command will return the current version)
  • Error messages & notifications screenshots
  • Web browser console logs (Debug logs will provide more insights) and Serverless logs
  • HAR file with network logs from the web browser
  • Steps to reproduce the issue
  • Relevant code snippet
  • Video recording or GIF (if necessary to understand the flow)
  • Links to the referred platform or product API documentation

How to attach the information?

The developer forum is public and wide open on the internet except for some moderator spaces and Direct Messaging feature with Moderators. So, please be cautious about what do you share in public.

  • All the information that does not contain any sensitive data can be shared along with the topic or post publicly.
  • For some information with sensitive data and business logic, please remove the specific data pertaining to your business logic and sensitive information.
  • Please refrain from sending any sensitive information that cannot be filtered out and sent. Even if the contributors and moderators ask for it publicly. Feel free to suggest moderators reach out to you via Forum inbox. This will also help moderators to directly loop in internal engineers to work on the issue reported.
  • In case if there are files that cannot be sent via attachments on the forum, please use services like to share. Mention it to be expired with a minimum of 7 days and 20 downloads.

What are the sensitive information?

Any information that you share which has the ability to particularly identify you can be called sensitive information. The following information might have some sensitive data,
  • Error messages, Screenshots, Video recording, and GIF
  • Web browser console logs
  • HAR file with web browser network logs
  • Code snippets - It might have your application’s business logic that you may not like to see in public.

These are some of the known areas. There could be more areas that may contain any sensitive data of your application and business.

Please provide all the applicable information to your query or issue report without exposing any sensitive information.

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