Setup login with SSO at Freshdesk

I setup login with SSO at my Freshdesk Portal (follow this instruction: Freshworks support). I’ve done but when I login with SSO (Freshdesk). My given_name and last_name, image (in payload) don’t show.
So my question is: How to show given_name, last_name and image when I login with SSO (Freshdesk)?.
Screen Shot 2021-05-07 at 15.23.17

Hi There!

I certainly do not know any answer to your question. But I have been trying to implement SSO to fresh desk through out application. One question i had was how do you get the PARAM ‘nonce’ in your payload? Any sample code would be greatly help me. Thanks in advance!

Hi there,

This sample code will help you.

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Hi Man Nguyen,

Thank you so much for the code snippet. The regex is really helpful.

This is a lot to ask you but i am super confused about the whole flow on how an SSO will work with JWT.

I would be grateful to you if you can help me with the start to end of the flow till a user gets authenticated.

Thanks in advance.