Show Apps based on agent's role

I have been working on a full page app in Freshdesk, which shows a detailed reporting. This reporting has to be seen by only certain agents.
Currently, we are handling by checking the loggedin user role, and show the content based on it. But the downside is, the app still shows.
I would recommend providing up a settings within the app, through which we can configure, which user role to show the app.

This would be a helpful addition for me as well. It’s a common piece of functionality I find myself implementing frequently. In my case, I have multiple groups that service different incidents and typically each agent group has their own set of administrative tooling built out. As a for instance, I have a team that does order management and has to update orders, change payment methods, review fraud etc.

For efficiency sake, it’s helpful to have a sidebar app that performs the common ticketing functionality.

I end up configuring this as an iparam setting that specifies a list of eligible agent groups. If they’re not in the list the application being opened displays 'Access not permitted".

Ideally, at app installation and configuration it would be possible to select a list of agent groups that confer visibility/access to the application.

The common complaint I receive from some of the agent groups I support in the system is that having additional applications appear creates confusion. This generally means I need to go through an approval process and slows down overall change.

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@yusrakhatri @EsotericAlgorithm Thanks for the detailed inputs.

We are working on adding support for scopes and roles in apps which will provide the kind of functionality both of you have asked for. We are currently finalising the requirements and it will probably take Q1 '22 (or beyond) to roll out an early release.

If you are up for it, I’d love to give you a run through of what we plan to implement. LMK and we can schedule a 30 minute call to get your feedback. Your inputs will be very much appreciated. :slight_smile:

At a high level, the workflow will look like:

  • Developer declares app capabilities/actions and maps them to “scopes” (think OAuth scopes but for Freshworks apps) in manifest.json
  • At install time (or through configuration later), admins can granularly assign these capabilities to groups of agents via “roles”
  • Agents can then access only the app capabilities/actions that admins have assigned them to