Show the number ticket when a ticket is created

Hi everyone

Hope you are doing well. As you know, when a ticket is created in the portal, the system shows a message that the ticket is created. Is there a way to show the number ticket in the same message?


Hi @Andrea_Lopez_Vargas,

A ticket can be created in different ways in the Freshdesk portal. Could you show us the direction to reproduce this message? With steps and screenshot if possible?

Hi Raviraj.

Sure. I need to know if its possible to modify the message when a ticket is created to show the number of the ticket. This is the message


Hi @Andrea_Lopez_Vargas,

The end-user apps can be used only on the ticket details page and New ticket form page and do some customizations on those pages with available interface methods.

This notification message cannot be modified with this app. Any other customization can be possible only with portal customization.

We do not have Freshdesk experts in this community to assist you with the feasibility of this portal customization.
Please contact Freshdesk support at to check for this feasibility.

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