Synchronize two freshdesk environnements


Our company use two Freshdesk environments, one for testing the feature and developing custom app, another for the production and real customer case. For now, we report the configuration from one to another “by the hand”, doing clicks and navigate in configuration.

We have notice that this method is unable to report the configuration identically, in particular when we use the Freshdesk API through an app.
For instance, create a new field on the ticket on our “dev” environment. This field have a generated name like field_1234 in the environment. Recreating the field in the “prod” environment may generate another name, like newfield_9999. This complicate the tests of a custom app, as we must manage the both case.

We will be wondering if we can save and synchronize faithfully both environments.
I mean:

  • Exporting configuration in standard format like xml, including customs fields, translation files, rebranding, …
  • Exporting tickets data and their dating information, replies, conversation, contacts
  • Completely resetting an environment
  • Restore the backups coming from the other side. After this operation, both environments are strictly identical